Jay Kordich

Do you enjoy drinking juice? Do you use a juicer to make healthy juice for your body? Then you may know Jay Kordich, also known as the “Juiceman.” Here is his story.

In the 1940’s, a young man name Jay Kordich played football and was a star football player at USC. It wasn’t one day until he developed bladder cancer at the age of twenty-five and became really sick. Doctors even told him that he might not be able to live on. Figuring what to do next, he traveled to New York City in order to find a cure or any type of treatment, rather than just letting his sickness overtake him.

He met a Swedish doctor named Dr. Max Gerson who suggested a treatment. Instead of prescribing him some type of medicine, Dr. Gerson told Jay to drink thirteen glasses of carrot-apple juice every day, in other words, go on an all juice-diet. Jay began doing this, and within a couple of months, started recovering. After that, he had fully regained his health.

Inspired by the doctors’ method, he wanted to spread the word about juicing to the world. He went on a journey in the 1950’s and 1960’s, demonstrated juicing to as many people the power of juicing. However, during this time, he was barely getting by financially and spent many nights sleeping in his car.

When a few more decades passed by, he became more financially secure. He was not only using his opportunity to spread the word about juicing, but he also developed a juicer that had his name on it, combining both his lessons and product into infomercial sessions. He continued his career promoting juicing on TV. He was also marketing on radio, national seminars, videos, and audiotypes.

By 1990, thirty years of up and down struggles, his juicer brand (Juiceman) became widely known. His infomercials were on air for over thirteen years. And at seventy years old, he was known as the Juiceman, and was very successful selling his own brand of juicers. In 1993, his sales were over $100 million.

The reason this inspired me was that during his sickness, Jay not only found a way to overcome his illness, but took a lesson and turned it into a life success. Some may call this a miracle. But how I see it is sometimes life threatening situations can give us that extra drive to succeed.

People who have gone through worst parts of life can let their experiences destroy them. Others will make something out of it. I think that’s what Jay did.

We all can take something that we learn from the past and turn it into something big, but most importantly, we have to find that special something that drives us to succeed. And if you haven’t find that thing that makes you hungry, then, it a wise step to figure out why you want something bad enough. It might not be a life threatening reason, but if that why is something that  drives you every time you think of it, then it will be inevitable that you will take massive action in order to make your dream a reality.