Esther Hicks

The Law of Attraction has been a widespread phenomenon in the last past decade with the coming out of the movie, The Secret. Esther Hicks, originally part of the movie, decided to withdraw from the movie because of copyright differences between her and Rhonda Byrne.

Although The Secret is a fascinating movie that has changed our perspective on how we view life, the main law in it which is The Law of Attraction has been around for thousands of years. People still wonder how this law came to be. During the video, many speakers explain their views with the law. But nobody probably has the same authentic voice that comes from that of Esther Hicks. Here is a story summarized from the classic book, The Law of Attraction: The Basics of the Teachings of Abraham.

A man named Jerry Hicks was once trying to find the answers for creating a better life as well as trying to find the answers for the meaning of life. For the first 14 years of his life, he lived in 18 homes in six states, going to church to church. But he never could find the truth, since each religious group claimed their philosophy to be right and the others wrong.

One day, his friends presented him with the idea of playing with the Ouija board (a board with letters, numbers, and symbols used to communicate with spirits). Because of his distrust in religious backgrounds, he thought this was a hoax. But he did it anyway since his friends kept on persisting him. He gave in and asked the first question.

“How can I become truly good?”

The planchette (a small board that spells out messages) spelled out R-E-A-D.

“Read what?”


“What books?”


So Jerry decided that he would see if this message was real or just some sort of hoax. He went to the library and read all books written by Albert Schweitzer. Out of the midst of many books, he found a book called The Quest of the Historical Jesus. This book opened his mind to the awareness that there are many more ways of looking at things that he had been willing to consider. He was starting to believe that something “out there” was coming to him.

He developed a desire to find the answers of how the universe works, why we exist, how we can live life with more joy, how to attract more harmony and happiness into my life, how can we fulfill our reasons for being here in the world, and what can I do to make my life better? His thoughts started to attract to him the answers and a series of events began to happen.

One day he was in a small motel and he saw a book that was lying on a coffee table. The title was called Think and Grow Rich by a man named Napoleon Hill. Although he was skeptical at first, he felt something that was compelling him to read the book. By the time he got to the 12th page of the book, he was awed with excitement.

“I’d gotten only about 12 pages into it, the hair was standing up all over my body, and thrill bumps were rippling up and down my spine.”

He was awakened with knowledge that his thoughts were important and that his life experience somehow reflected the contents of his thought. And as you probably know, pages 1 – 12 in the first chapter of the book titled, “Thoughts Are Things”.

His life started to change. He began teaching the principles that he were learning to thousands of other people in a meaningful way. But something was off. He felt that the people learning these principles were not experiencing dramatically improved lives in comparison to his no matter how many courses they took. So he continued his journey to find the specific answers.

Even though during those years, the answers never came to him, but he kept persisting. All of this searching was interrupted when this man met a woman name Esther Hicks. They were inexplicably compatible with each other and were creating a new life together in Phoenix, Arizona. After knowing each other for a few years, they decided to get married. Although they were joyous companions around one another, the only problem was Esther didn’t share the same philosophical thoughts as Jerry. She didn’t want to discover the answers. But Jerry persisted anyway.

One day while Jerry was passing time in a library, he spotted a book that was titled Seth Speaks by Jane Roberts. Immediately, he got the same kind of emotions he had gotten while holding Think and Grow Rich in his hands. The book was about the author, who we know as Jane Roberts, and how she goes into a sort of trance and allows Seth, a Non-Physical personality or entity, speak through her in order to touch the lives of the people in the real world. He found it fascinating, but Esther did not as she was taught during her childhood to have tremendous fear of anything that wasn’t physical.

“You can read that book if you want to… but please don’t bring it in our bedroom.”

Jerry however couldn’t resist. There was just something that felt “right” to him and he slowly told Esther about it without trying to push it onto her. Within time, Esther started to hear the value of the idea and the concepts of the book. From then on, they made it their morning ritual to sit together, and Jerry would read to Esther from the Seth books. The more she listened, the less she feared until looking back, she believes that it was illogical that she had those fears in the first place.

Seth and Jane Roberts influenced them so much that they decided to actually pay a visit and talk to the author and her husband. The thought of taking a trip to New York to meet Jane and hear this Non-Physical being talk through her was on their minds as they were reading. The only problem was authors’ phone number was unpublished, so they didn’t know how they were going to do this.

One day they were eating lunch in a little café next to a bookstore. A stranger was sitting nearby and out of the blue asked them this question.

“Have you read any of the Seth books?”

They could hardly believe what they were hearing, because they didn’t tell anybody that they were reading “those” types of books. But then the man asked the second question, “Did you know that Jane Roberts is dead?”

Jerry and Esther were so attached to Jane Roberts and Seth that Esther’s eyes started to fill up with tears. They felt disappointing as they realized that there was no possible way for them to meet Jane, her husband Rob, or Seth ever again.

Within a day or so of hearing this news, their friends and business associates – Nancy and her husband Wes – met them for dinner. There was something awkward about their friends’ behavior. Nancy then pushed a cassette into Esther’s hand.

“We have a tape we want you to hear,” Nancy said.

“What is it?” they asked.”

“It’s channeled,” whispered Nancy.

She and her husband went on to tell Jerry and Esther a description of the same process by which the Seth books had been written. Just like how Seth spoke through Jane, they were talking about another entity named Theo who spoke through a person named Sheila.

“She’s coming to Phoenix, and you can make an appointment to talk with her if you want to.”

Because their dreams with Jane and Seth were gone, they were excited to make the appointment to see Sheila and hear Theo.

For the first day during the half hour appointment, they would get to see Theo talking through a woman, Sheila. Jerry asked questions that he had saved since he was six years old to Theo as Esther sat quietly during the entire time.

During the second day, it was time for Esther to ask some questions that she had stored in her for a long time.

“What could we do to move faster towards our goals?” asked Esther.

“Affirmations,” said Theo, “I, Esther Hicks, see and draw to me, through Divine Love, those Beings who seek enlightenment through my process. The sharing will elevate us both, now.”

“What else?”


“Well, what do you mean by meditate?”

“For 15 minutes each day, sit in a quiet room, wear comfortable clothing, and focus on your breathing. And as your mind wanders, and it will, just release the thought and focus back on your breathing.”

Time was up.

But there was one last question that was on Esther’s mind. Stevie, one of the people who was taking notes saw Esther’s frustration.

“Do you have one last question? Would you like to know the name of your spiritual guide?” she asked Esther.

“Yes, who is my spiritual guide?” Esther asked.

Theo’s voice was then heard.

“We are told it will be given to you directly. You will have a clairaudient experience, and you will know.”

Jerry and Esther left the area with a great feeling inside of them, and did what was told when they went back to their home. They put on their bathrobes which were their most comfortable clothing, closed the drapes hanging in their living room, sat in large wingback chairs, and meditated for 15 minutes focusing on their breathing.

During this time, Esther began to feel a wonderful feeling of detachment or numbness going on inside her body.

“It was as if I were suspended there in the room and nothing else was there.”

She felt an incredible sensation of being “breathed.” It felt as if something powerful and loving was breathing air into her lungs and then drawing back out again. For the first time, she believed that she was coming in contact with her Non-Physical entity. Jerry saw Esther and she appeared to him to be in a state of ecstasy.

She could only feel though. Nothing came out her except her feelings. They would continue to do this exercise 15 minutes every day for nine months.

One the day before Thanksgiving, Esther felt something completely different. As she was sitting in her chair and silently breathing, her head began to move very gently. It felt as she was in a state of detachement, almost as she were flying. This strange movement of her continued for the next two or three days. On the third day, she noticed that her head wasn’t just moving “meaninglessly,” it was trying to send her a message.

In fact, it was trying to spell letters with her nose as if it were writing on a chalkboard. Someone was trying to communicate with her. Intense waves of thrill bumps started moving all through her body. And suddenly, a message came from “them”.

“I am Abraham. I am your spiritual guide. I love you. I am here to work with you.”

Their Non-Physical entity was born. From then all, through Abraham would talk through Esther and have conversations with Jerry. Abraham would teach Jerry all the questions he wanted to know including how the universe works, why we exist, how can we live life with more joy, how to attract more harmony and happiness into my life, how can we fulfill our reasons for being here in the world, and what can I do to make my life better?

Life Lessons We Can Learn from Esther Hicks

Like attracts like. The first law from The Law of Attraction states, “That which is like unto itself, is drawn.” You’ve probably notice that when you’re happy, it’s easy to become more happy thoughts and feelings come later on. But when you’re angry, it’s easy to have more angry thoughts and feelings come later on. This is because anything like itself will attract itself. But this is just a law; it’s not the same thing as actually creating or intending it to happen.

You attract what you are thinking about. The second law from The Law of Attraction states, “That which I give thought to and that which I believe or expect – is.” This is also called the Science of Deliberate Creation meaning whenever you create or intend a thought or feeling, you are attracting that to you. If you are thinking poor, you it’s hard to attract wealth. If you are feeling hate, it’s hard to attract love. Once you create the thought, you are sending energy out into the universe.

You can attract something quicker by associating your thoughts with positive emotions. This is defined as focusing your attention or giving thought toward a subject, while at the same time experiencing a positive emotion with it such as excitement, joy, or happiness. This becomes want or desire. Pure desire for something cannot exist when there is a feeling of doubt or fear. By associate positive emotions with thought, you magnify your desire which speeds up attraction.

You have a choice in allowing experiences to come into your reality. The third law of The Law of Attraction states, “I am that which I am, and I am willing to allow others to be as they are.” Another person’s reality does not have to be a part of your experience or circumstance unless you invite them in through your thoughts. For example, if there is a dramatic difference between how you feel and how someone else feels, you do not have to suffer through negative emotion because you are subconscious wise enough not to focus upon that which brings you discomfort. Tolerating can mean feeling discomfort while allowing something to be; allowing, in terms of The Law of Attraction, means finding a way to look at things and allow it to be while at the same time choosing how you feel. This is the art of allowing.

Nothing is unrealistic if you can imagine it. As long as you are envisioning yourself within that which you are imagining, you are attracting the circumstances in which you can find the means to create it. Our thoughts, however unrealistic they may appear, are still things and even if they cannot be physically touched, they can still attract ways that can turn them into reality.

“There is nothing that you cannot be, do, or have.”

-Esther Hicks