Captain of the Ship

Your mind is like a system that runs a ship. The conscious part of your mind is the captain. The subconscious part of the mind is the crew members.

Whenever you make a conscious decision, you are commanding your crew members what to do. The crew members do not argue or reason with what you tell them; they just carry out the orders.

If you told the crew members to run into an iceberg, they would obey your command and do so. If you told the crew members to make the engine of the ship go faster, they will obey your orders and do so.

That is the beauty of the subconscious mind, that it just follows orders and carries it out. It will only work if the captain, however, believes in what he or she is saying. If the captain is saying one thing and thinking another, the subconscious mind can pick this up and will get a mixed signal or a command that is ambiguous.

As the captain, your job is to command your crew members to the destination you want to go (an analogy for a goal that you want to achieve). You must be firm in your command, not timid when commanding your crew members. Remember, they just follow orders and if they have an indecisive leader, they will give indecisive results and the ship will go nowhere but stuck in the sea.

Whether you are at work or whether you are at home, the world you live in is the sea, the ocean. Anywhere you are, you will be the one who is in control the destiny of the ship.

If you think positive thoughts, your subconscious mind will start to give you positive thoughts. If you think negative thoughts, your subconscious mind will start to give you negative thoughts. If you don’t think at all, such as dozing off during the day, then your subconscious mind will start to generate random thoughts which will lead you nowhere.

To get to a destination, there is one formula that you can always rely on and that is beliefs turns into action which turns into results. What forms beliefs? It is through the constant suggestions of thoughts over and over again that make a belief.

A captain has to be firm in what he or she believes, or else the crew and the direction of the ship will be in trouble. If the captain has a belief, then the crew members will follow the belief of the captain, whether it is good or bad, moral or immoral, positive or negative, proactive or reactive, and so on.

No matter what, the subconscious will always carry out the orders of the conscious mind. You are the captain of the ship. The direction and destiny of where the ship goes will depend on how well you can command the crew members of the ship.