Beyond Materialism

We all want money for different reasons. Perhaps there is a new watch, a new car, or a new house that you want. These are all great reasons to earn money for. Some people just want to get out of debt. This includes personal debt as well as mortgage.

Some people may feel motivated to use money to buy all the things they ever wanted to have. What tends to happen is that they will run out of the motivational fuel half way through their process. To me, materialism doesn’t give me a desire to always take action. Of course, it may be nice to own a new car or to even own some property. However, I think what goes beyond material can give a person the greatest motivation of all.

One of the things I think really motivates people to getting money is having the ability to have things that we want without having to hesitate over the price of things. That feeling is also like losing something valuable, but knowing that it’s not a big deal and that it could be easily replaced, rather than making a huge fuss about it or getting in an argument with another person. This, of course, does not mean to be careless over things.

Do you feel like you are a person who is very conservative? Do you have parents that kind of are the save-every-penny type people? Maybe it even feels uncomfortable walking in a business area shop as a high class shopping mall or what not. Instead of that feeling of uneasiness we feel when spending or saving money, being financially secure wherever one goes could be a good reason why someone would want to become wealthy.

The basic point is that when we have reasons to want money that is beyond materialism, it’s a greater motivator for us to achieve that type of money.

As you probably have noticed, rich older men like to play golf. Golf to me is a rather boring sport. But it is most likely what golf represents – not the golf clubs, the golf balls, or the golf course – but the relaxation of golf, the open field of golf represents a free life (sort of), and the enjoyment of taking your time in life, while talking to your buddies about anything.

The same goes with traveling. It may not be the cost of the plane ticket, the ride, but the knowledge you get from traveling and seeing other places in the world and experiencing their culture. If you have always stayed inside your country and left, you may be shocked at what you see in other parts of the world. The images we see from TV, the internet, or newspaper is a really limited view compared to the experience one has when visiting and staying in another country.

Take some time to write down all the reasons of why you want money. Maybe it is having material things that you have always wanted, and there’s nothing wrong with that. But if you really take the time to think about what lies beyond materialism, you will be able to find deeper reasons that will help give you that extra motivation fuel you’ll need in order to get there.