Abundance Mentality

The Abundance Mentality means that there is enough to go around for everybody. There may actually be more than enough or an unlimited supply for all. One may think of it as a glass cup that is overfilling with water.

Having an abundance mentality means that even if one does not know it yet, there are opportunities everywhere. When other people succeed, you are happy for them because their success rubs off of you, making you feel good as well, which in turns will give you a more positive attitude in succeeding.

Imagine having a Scarcity Mentality and going through life wishing everybody who succeeded to drop down a level. What you are really doing is stunting your own growth because essentially, you want everybody else to be on the same level as you due to insecurity that there is only a limited amount of supplies to go around in the world.

But imagine going through life having an Abundance Mentality, meaning that every time someone succeeded, it is an opportunity to learn from them and be at their level. You would constantly see yourself grow and move further and further up the ladder.

As other people earn rewards or get promoted, you congratulate them and this sends off motivation and inspiration for you to be there as well. And when you do get there, other people will genuinely congratulate you too. You guys genuinely congratulate each other and support each other back and forth; creating positive energy that rises to the top. This is a trait of successful people; to be able to help each other out through sharing accomplishments and feel-good energy.

You may come across people who are selfish, but that is no reason to do everything you can to put them back down. At all means, they may have worked harder in their own ways that other people just don’t understand. Plus, if you do that, you would only be focusing your energy on putting yourself back down as well and putting yourself back in Scarcity Mentality thinking.

“The Abundance Mentality, on the other hand,” as Steven Covey puts it, flows out of a deep inner sense of personal worth and security. It is the paradigm that there is plenty out there and enough to spare for everybody. It results in sharing of prestige, of recognition, of profits, of decision making. It opens possibilities, options, alternative, and creativity.”

This certainly applies to money. The belief that there is so much money in the world to go around applies to people with Scarcity Mentality or Abundance Mentality. When it comes to money, most people in the world have think scarcity. You can see this with money-stingy people. This, however, is natural because our society is conditioned to think money is hard to earn.

People think that having a well secured annual six-figure job is would be considered “abundant,” when having a seven-figure job is not out of the picture and is closer to the word abundance, as it means “over.” Having six-figure a year would not be way too “over” the average annual salary. But in order to achieve this type of wealth, one must think that there is a lot of it, not a little bit of it.

In conclusion, it may be to anybody’s advantage think abundantly. It may be hard when you see someone else achieve something that you don’t have, but remember there is enough to go around and if you continue to work at it, you’ll see things come around to you. So, try your best to remember that if you have a Scarcity Mentality, then you will most likely achieve scarcity, but if you have an Abundance Mentality, you will most likely be headed towards abundances.