50 Random Moments to Value in Life

Happiness doesn’t have to come from being a celebrity or from being really wealthy. They come from our values. Our values are how much worth we put on things in our life. If you can value even the smallest things and moments, you’ll find yourself to be happier than most people on this earth.

Here are is a list of fifty random moments that I created worth valuing. The ones with the asterisks next to them I haven’t done yet, but I can imagine that it must be a wonderful feeling. I wish to do all of these things someday. The best part about this is most of them are free. Can you relate to any of them?

1. Walking in a quiet and beautiful park

2. Talking to a friend about what you did over the weekend

3. Cuddling over a blanket while watching a scary movie

4. Tasting butterscotch ice cream

5. Saying “I do” to a future spouse*

6. Kissing somebody’s plush lips for the first time

7. Feeling the warmth of a person’s hug

8. Having the most money in Monopoly

9. Saying “goodbye” to parents as you move out

10. Staying up until 5 AM doing a paper while drinking loads of coffee

11. Coming home from a party completely wasted

12. Seeing the parking lot as you come down from the highest peak of a roller coaster ride

13. Waking up in the morning 30 seconds before the alarm clock goes off

14. Chasing after dog after letting the door open on your first house cleaning job

15. Cheering after finding a missing period for a college newspaper article after editing for one hour

16. Waking up in the morning next to somebody you love

17. Lying on the grass and watching the blue clouds pass by

18. Accepting your diploma on the stage of graduation day

19. Sitting on a couch and reading your favorite Steven King novel

20. Getting a raise from a company*

21. Meditating someplace peaceful

22. Watching the face of your first son or daughter*

23. Sailing on a yacht out in the sea*

24. Spending holidays eating dinner with family

25. Hiking in nature

26. Painting with oil on canvas

27. Smiling at a stranger you don’t know

28. Dancing to Michael Jackson music

29. Passing a nerve racking interview

30. Having a cup of coffee while looking at sunrise

31. Smelling the roses of a garden* (no roses nearby!)

32. Making S’mores over a campfire

33. Taking a warm shower before the day starts

34. Finishing a 5k marathon*

35. Visiting to a country you’ve never been before

36. Seeing the shape of a rainbow after a rainy day

37. Receiving a Christmas card from a long distance relative

38. Moving boxes to a new apartment or house

39. Riding with on the back of somebody’s truck

40. Writing poetry while observing a small object

41. Riding a bus over a freeway crammed with 40 other people

42. Learning a unique thing about somebody new you just met

43. Looking at old photos of your funny past experiences

44. Sharing a laugh with really anybody

45. Eating chips and dip while watching a Sunday football game

46. Finding the final answer to your local newspaper crossword puzzle

47. Breaking out a sweat after working out at the gym

48. Opening up a paycheck from the mail

49. Receiving an award in front of hundreds of people

50. Giving back to the world in a positive way

I believe that these are all moments that teach us that we can be happy if we choose to have a positive outlook wherever we are and wherever we go. Just the ability of having a healthy body and looking out for those little moments in everyday life, you’ll find stuff to be a lot more interesting and meaningful. What’s more is that you’ll start to feel alive and appreciate even the little things that you didn’t realize were there before. So next time your out and about, take a look around. You never know what kind of random moments you’ll experience that make life worth living for.

These are some of the moments that I value in life. Did I miss anything? What about you?