What’s Stopping You?

There are times when our goal seems so out of reach because we are so obsessed with how to get there, that it prevents us from getting there at all. We go through the journey sometimes clueless, sometimes frustrated, and sometimes just waiting for that magical “break” to happen to us while we go and do other things that are more appealing to us.

If you are not working towards your goal, there has to be a reason. Figure out what is stopping you from you goal, as it will help get rid of that ambiguous feeling of not taking action. If you don’t know what is holding you back, here are some common reasons that stop us from getting to our goals.

1. Lack of Knowledge

2. Lack of Experience

3. Trying Different Things before Working on Current Project

4. Doing Too many Things at Once

5. Problems Getting Organized

6. Not Enough Patience

7. Negative Thought Processes

8. Other People’s Opinions/Criticism

9. Easily Distracted

10. Fear of Failing

It could be a combination of one of these things, a combination of these things, all of these things, or something that’s not even on this list. But whatever it happens to be, make a mental note of it or write it down somewhere where you know it is something that you will have to deal with.

I like writing in my blog, but one of the biggest things that stops me from doing so is trying to do too many things at once. Sometimes I’ll check my e-mail, sometimes I’ll check out what’s going on in ESPN, sometimes I’ll check the latest news in Yahoo. When I do this, I get distracted easily and without even realizing that one or two hours have passed by and I haven’t even written anything.

When I have a mental note of this problem, next time I feel myself getting suckered into doing many things at once, I resist the temptation and get to writing. Writing is my just goal. I wish to write consistently. But what about yours? Is it trying to find a job or making new friends?

Whatever that’s stopping you from you goal, identify it. That way, instead of doing nothing. At least you can be on your way to removing that roadblock, and moving closer to your aim in life.