Starting with the End First

Many people know what they want in their life, but when asked how to get there, they have no clue. Sometimes, you may find it easier to start your goals from the end first. If you do this, there is no way you will not know how to get to your destination because everything will be outlined in front of you.

For example, if you’re a shy person and want to overcome shyness, look at where you are right now. Then visualize what it means to be where your want to go, which is probably being a confident person who has no problem speaking in public and making new friends. So once you have that ideal person in mind, all you have to do is work backwards.

Start by writing the last steps first and then ask how to do this? A confident person would be able to do the things he wanted to do, without letting emotions get in his way such as fear and anxiety. So how can we accomplish this?

Something that could accomplish this is approaching and starting conversation… but that might be too big of a step. So what is a step back that we could take to accomplish approach anxiety? Perhaps, if you are habitually quiet, talking to people you do know will help build up confidence to approach people you don’t know and will brush up your speaking skills as well.

To accomplish this, start chatting with people you do know like friends and family members. How to accomplish this? Calling someone you know and grabbing lunch or setting up a date with them. How to do this?

Get off the computer, get off the internet, and pick up the phone. Your back at step one now…

Of course, there this is just a general way of going about this plan as there are probably other more specific actions you might want to take and insert in here.

Another example is Many people complain about not getting a job or not having enough money, but they aren’t taking action. A day goes by and nothing changes, a week goes by, and a week is wasted. Every single day is an opportunity to make more, or at least build something that will lead to making money. This way time is not wasted.

Let’s say you have no cash right now, but you enjoy writing, and have lots of spare time on your hands. You could easily make an extra $50 a week just writing articles for directories. Start with a simple goal where you see that as the end destination (don’t worry you can always change it later when you reach it).

How would one go about making an extra $50 a week? Well, one could accomplish this by getting paid $2.50 per article and writing 3 articles a day which, if one wrote for 7 days straight would be $52.50. Not bad if you have some spare time on your hands.

Okay so we have the end goal in mind which is $50 per week. We know to do this we have to write 3 articles a day. Now a step back from this is where to submit these articles to? We would have to search for freelance websites that pay the writer at least $2.50 per article. I’m sure there are sites that to this such as Associated Content. It’s just a matter or searching for these sites through Google or other search engines. If all fails, there are different freelance websites that offer people who bid on writers.

So how do we do this? You would have to spend some time and prepare to do some searching, which brings us back to step one.

The two examples above were a little random and different. One is the goal of conquering shyness while the other was a goal of making some extra cash. But what was similar was that the approach I mentioned was that we took a step at the end, and worked our way backwards towards the beginning. This can be applied to anything you want in life, however random it may be, from seeking a new job to finding a way to having peace of mind.

Repeated practice will be necessary if you want to envision yourself getting to your goal faster and being on that path consistently. You may find it helpful to spend some alone time with yourself in a quiet place, rid of all distractions, and envisioning yourself at your final destination, and feeling what it feels like.

Then, taking a step backward and envisioning yourself doing that feeling those emotions as well, then another step back, until you finally get to the step where you are right now. Open your eyes, and you’ll be able to see the whole picture and feel the entire pathway of your desired destination.