Organize Your Work Environment

The first thing most people do when they are nearby their computer is turn it on and begin their work or surf on internet. Sometimes we can get agitated and frustrated not because of the workload, but because of our work environment. If you do most of your work at home or in an office, than spending some time, even after reading this post, to clean your work environment will help you with more clarity before you begin working.

It’s hard for me to write when I have a messy work environment. My eyes do not glance at the monitor screen for the entire time, so as I take a look around the room, I can get easily distracted by random things such as notes, books, old papers, pictures, etc. Some people perform better in a messy work environment because they feel like the accumulated mess that they have has developed over the months gives them a cozy “writers” environment.

But if you’re a person who finds it hard to concentrate, perhaps it’s time to take the action to tidy up your place. Even if you lazy, here are some tips to organizing your work environment.

1. Before you turn on the computer, check around the room. Is your place a mess? Are there scattered papers everywhere? If so, don’t turn on the computer just yet. Go to the nearestitem and put it back to place. If you work in your room, this may be as simple as booking an old book back on the bookshelf, putting a piece of old laundry away, or putting all the scattered papers in one file in your desk drawer. Whatever it is, start by doing something simple – just one thing and it will motivate you to doing another item, and then two more items, and then before you know it, you’ll have a fresh new working environment with a lot more free space.

2. Turn on the computer and get to work.

My ideal working environment would just be having the simple necessities such as a computer, a desk, and a comfortable chair in a lighted, cool room and I’m good to go. Unfortunately, there is a lot of furniture in my room that I do not own so I cannot start moving it around the house based on my own wanting to do so. So I try my best to create as much space out of the little space that I have to write.

And although 10 minutes may not seem like a lot, it makes a difference when you actually put the effort into tidying up your place. If you just rush through it, you probably will spend less than 10 minutes doing this activity. But if you really take the time to clean up the details, then you’ll find yourself spending more than 10 minutes, such as an hour. The important thing is to not worry about the time. 10 minutes was just an estimated measurement of time to get your place clean. Just worry about the task at hand. Organizing your work environment shouldn’t be that difficult when you just do one thing at a time.

In conclusion, put the effort into organizing your work environment. Do it about once a week. Even within a week, stuff gets piled up around us without us even noticing, and you’ll be surprised to find out that whenever you can create more space for yourself, it feels like your freeing up more space within yourself. Things that you usually get distracted from will be out of the way and will no longer waste any more time as if you were to get distracted by them. But more importantly, a clean, spacey work environment helps give you focus and clarity. Now you just have to worry about organizing that desktop.