Effective Work Environments for Entrepreneurs

Every person has different types of environments that they work better in. Some people need be in a place where background music is playing, while others need to be in a completely pin-drop quiet atmosphere. I believe that a good working environment greatly affects the productivity of one’s work.

And although the two necessary things you need to make money online – a computer and the internet – can be found in many places, or anywhere if you just have a laptop, I believe that working home, the library, or a nearby coffee shop are the places that most of us go to get most of work done online.

Since I like hearing bad news before good news, I’ll go through this article describing about these places, starting with the cons first and the pros last.

Your Home

You’ll probably spend most of your time working at home Working at home is great if you live by yourself. If you live with your family, then you probably know what it feels like to have one of your family members walk into the room every ten minutes and telling you, “Go do something besides being online!”

You might be shaking your head right now. I agree, it can be somewhat annoying at times.

What about living with your friends? You might start working and then all of the sudden hear the TV outside of your room, driving you practically insane, r hearing people talking outside of your room, which you have no choice but to hear their conversion, and if it’s interesting enough, you’ll probably get distracted and want to join in.

Basically, the biggest disadvantage of working at home is the potential distraction caused by other people living in the same house, and these things can really be endless.

But, there are good upsides to working at your home. When you’re working at home, you’re most likely working in a room, meaning that you’re free to be completely comfortable with yourself. You can stretch whenever you want, walk around, sing, dance, shout, and do whatever you want.

You also have easy access to the bathroom and refrigerator, rather than having to wait for vacancy or starve when you feel hungry and low on cash. You can take a break anywhere you want in your house such as lie on the couch for ten minutes and relieve some stress.

Finally, you get to create your own working environment, however you like; whether you to have a plant next to the window or having your desk completely clean and clutter free, you have control over your own space.

To me, I find it best working at home early in the morning where everyone’s sleeping and you have a fresh mind, or working at home late at night like at 1 A.M. when everyone’s asleep and the house is in complete silence.

Other than that, I find that working at home during the day can get you easily distracted, in which case the library or coffee shop would be a better option to getting more work done.

The Library

Although libraries seem to be “the place” to do some studying or get work done, I find it difficult to stay there for very long periods of time.

First of all, libraries can get really cold fast.

Have you ever been to one expecting the temperature to be okay, then ten minutes into it you realize that your legs are getting chili because all you’re wearing is shorts, and now you’re stuck because you don’t want to drive back home which is twenty minutes away?

It’s one of the feelings where you just have to work while adapting to the temperature where you have no control over.

Another thing about the library is that with so many people around, it gets way too quiet sometimes.

I don’t mind being in a quiet atmosphere when I’m working alone, but in the library, do you ever notice that any sudden actions you make can cause awkward eye contact or stares from nearby people?

It almost feels like you are constrained in your own space and can’t and can be as free as you would be in your own home. This kind of cold atmosphere can become quite uncomfortable if you’re not a person that can sit still in one place around people in complete silence.

Nevertheless, some people like the feeling being in complete silence all the way until their work is done. The good thing about the library is that if your house is too loud, the library is always a place you can rely on for quietness.

Plus there are usually computers, books, dictionaries, articles, and magazines that you can use as additional resources.

But the best aspect of libraries is the social working atmosphere. When you take look around and see other people working hard; whether it’s working on graduate papers, studying for math exams, preparing for the GRE, these are people who go to the library because they are serious in passing their test, achieving good grades, and doing well in life.

Seeing everybody working on something motivates you to work as well with them, resulting in getting more of your work done. It gives you the feeling that even though you don’t know anyone, everybody is kind of in this together.

This “quiet energy” is one of the better advantages that working in the library has, compared to working in busier environments.

A Coffee Shop

The coffee shop is my favorite place to work. However, it’s not free.

You could probably pass by just bringing your laptop, saying “hello” to the workers, and sitting down without ordering anything, but, well, that would just be weird.

Usually you go in and order something out of courtesy that you’re using their environment, even if it’s something small like coffee, and it can add up.

One round of coffee costs about $3 or $4, and if you plan to stay the whole day, you might need multiple rounds of coffee, which could cost $10 or more. This doesn’t include the internet fee that some coffee places charge, which would be another $3 for 24 hours.

Not that great if you already have internet at home…

Also, unlike the library, if you’re a person that needs minimal noise level, it can get distracting at peak hours at coffee shops.

Imagine finally settling down in the table you choose and starting your work, only to be interrupted by the voices of two best friends, sitting in the table next to you telling each other about their entire awesome, awesome weekend.

“Just great…” you mutter, looking at them with an unfavorable smile.

But most of the times, this won’t happen. It’s part of the best part of working at a coffee shop – the social atmosphere. You sit down anywhere, and it’s completely relaxed. There are people reading the newspaper, people chatting and laughing, usually some nice enjoyable background music, and finally, there’s coffee to stimulate your mind.

The place is just alive.

Even though it’s of a somewhat noisy environment, it’s still one that’s definitely workable in. Plus, unless you spill your coffee on someone’s newspaper, you don’t have to worry about awkward tension from people because no one cares. Everyone’s just doing their own thing and in the time that they are there and enjoying a cup of coffee.

In conclusion, there will be pros and cons to every place you work. Try to figure out where you can work the best because it can greatly affect the outcome of your work.

If you’re pissed off that your family members or roommates keep talking to in the house, apply for a library membership and stay there for a couple of hours. If you feel like the library is too cold or serious of a place for you to work, change your location to the nearest Starbucks. If you feel like you’re wasting money on music that you can listen at home or drinks that make you too antsy, get some earphones, close the door, and work in your room.

The joy of a home base business doesn’t necessarily mean you have to work at home, as long as you have access to the internet, you can work anywhere.

So pick a place that you feel is the most effective for you, a place that not only can you get work done, but get work done productively, and finally, a place that you simply just enjoy being in.

Ten Reasons Why Some People Have a Difficult Time Making Money Online

There are many reasons why so many people who start an online business from home fail to make money on the internet. The thing is lots of people get into a home based business in hopes of getting rich or wealthy.

Getting there is possible, but it’s important to understand the amount of commitment it took for wealthy individuals to get to that point. To help you avoid pitfall, here are ten reasons that may help you understand what makes successful people who make money versus people who try to make money but end up quitting.

1. Working Harder Instead of Working Smarter

A lot of people when doing internet marketing try to force things to happen. They don’t learn from their mistakes. If you’re faced with a problem, don’t take the same route again and try to force it to work. You have to learn how to change your ways if they are not working. This is the essence of trial and error.

Be open to trying different ways to finish a project and don’t obsess about what others will think. Look at the result and see what it is that you have to work on. If it doesn’t work, try something else.  If it works, but doesn’t work that well, see what you can do to improve it.  If it works well, see if there is a way that you can do it just as well but faster.

When you hit a roadblock, don’t just keep following the same path and wait for something to happen, but find a different solution to get over it.

2. Selling Products that No One Wants

You may be passionate about a particular niche, but if no one is interested in buying it, then it is not going to sell.

I once promoted a guide that helped people get rid of dark spots on their skin and have more even toned skin as well.

The guide did this by teaching you how to make your skin complexion lighter with natural remedies that it provided. I thought this was a good niche to go into because it was unique and different from other hot skin care markets such as anti-aging and acne.

So I bought the guide, created a blog, created a review, wrote articles on it about every single day, and promoted it for about a month. In the end, I made a total of zero dollars from this niche.

I realize that being unique and different is not always a good thing if no one wants the product. And in this case, not a lot of people were interested in having even toned skin, and even if they were, they probably did not want to buy a guide for $20 showing them how to do this if they could drive a car, go to the nearest Walgreens, and find a $20 product that already would do this for them.

That niche was just not popular, so instead of continuing to force it to work, I abandoned it like a hot potato.

Through the thousands of niches and products that are offered online, it doesn’t matter if you know a lot about your niche or are way passionate about it, if people don’t want it then you will have a very hard time making money through internet marketing.

Simply said, just make sure you pick something that you know many people will want, and even better, need.

3. Not Wanting It Bad Enough

What are you trying to get out of internet marketing?

If your goal is to make 100 dollars a day, how badly do you want it? Do you want to make a successful business? Do you want to have 1000 affiliates promote for you? You need to consider what it is that you want and why do you want it?

If you don’t want something bad enough, then you won’t have the motivation to work for it. But if you want something badly enough, then whenever you think about, something will click in your head and tell you that you to take action in order to get it.

Figure out what it is that you want, have a clear visual image of it, and focus to keep it somewhere in the back of your head, so whenever you know you need motivation to work for it, a visual image will be right there for you.

4. Not Planning

Too many people rush into their online business without making a plan first. They tell themselves, “I want to make as much money as quick as possible,” and as a result fail to understand that without a good plan, their ideas as well as time management becomes a quick, convoluted mess.

Plan ahead your schedule for the next week and month. Make an outline out of your short term plans and your long term plans.

What is your schedule for the next hour? What is your schedule today, tomorrow, or this week? Make a big poster and stick it on your wall so you can see it every day.

You can also make a plan that goes backwards. For example, telling yourself what you needed to do in order to get to your financial goal. Then write each step backwards. This way, you’ll be able to see exactly how to get to your goal since every step will be laid out right in front of you.

5. Commitment

Some call it persistence, others call it discipline; whatever it is, you need to stay committed until the very end of your project.

Many get excited because they figure out this crazy new idea that they have and start implementing it right away. The sad part is when a lot of time passes by, they start to become disinterested in it or it’s lacking the results that they expected.

Maybe they don’t have enough motivation, or another idea comes to them, and they end up never finishing their project, but instead, change projects each and every time something new comes up. Don’t fall in this trap.

Commitment is not starting a project and not finishing it. Commitment is not doing a project and giving up half way through. Commitment is not working on something only when you feel like it. Commitment is working on your project every single day until your goal is achieved.

There will be times where you’ll have to make sacrifices, there will be times where you’ll have to grit your teeth, and there will times where you’ll be telling yourself, “I have to work on this project and finish it until the very end.”

But as your stay more and more committed to working on your project, it will naturally become easier.  So, do whatever it takes to stay committed to your task or project until it is completely done.

6. Not Providing Value to Other People

Maybe some people are good at making money through giving away mediocre quality but that shouldn’t be your aim. Learn to provide good value to your customers with everything you do.

Do the best that you can in quality rather than quantity. When customers see that you are putting the extra effort in your work to help them, it will make you stand out from other people who just want to make the quick buck.

Even if you don’t make any money at first, giving good value to other people builds trust with your customers. And in any successful business, trust and a good relationship with your customers should be a top priority on the list.

By providing good value to other people, you will have many more opportunities that will open up to you in the long run.

7. Being Someone that You’re Not

Customers want to see who you are, not the same gimmicky person they seen a billion other times.

Sure you can probably pull away with being someone else or using someone else’s sales pitch tone, but how credible will that be and how long will you have to put up with that?

No one is perfect and when you are being yourself, people will see that you are human and have flaws too. They will be able to relate to this, because they can see someone who is being superficial with them just like when you see a marketer that acts overly nice to you, but in the end comes out too pushy.

When customers see that you’re being someone that you are not, they will lose trust with you and most likely will never come back again, especially with so many options they have on the internet. So add in your own personality and don’t obsess over being perfect.

8. Not Pre-Selling

Too many internet marketing think sell, sell, sell rather than build trust with the customers first. Selling is the opposite of building a relationship with customers because your goal is to make money rather than helping them. It’s almost as if you are forcing the customers to buy your product.

I’m sure you’ve walked in a mall somewhere and some advertisers will not just shut up about the product they are selling and leave you alone. Never do that!

If they buy it, great, if they don’t, don’t pressure them. You’ve done your best to provide the best you can with your product, now do your best to provide helpful value to your customers.

Keep your money mindset in its proper place, not when dealing with customers.

Sometimes I get sick of looking on online sales pages because once I read them I feel like this person is trying way too hard to sell me this product or this person doesn’t really care about my needs, they just want to take my money. In the end, I hit the exit button.

So don’t do this; learn how to pre-sell.

9. Not Taking Action

An unnecessary thing that internet marketers like to do is plan too much. When they plan too much, the point when they start taking action becomes delayed, or never even begins.

People don’t take action because they want their plan to be completely perfect before they start. Don’t fall into that trap. Write a plan, but don’t spend more a day to take action.

Take action and if you’re stuck, just ask yourself a simple but profound question, “By me taking the following action, will it lead me towards my goal?”

If it is, then you’re doing great. At least know you are in momentum now. You can always change things in motion.

You’re not just a rollercoaster that’s still waiting at the start station; you’re a rollercoaster that is moving. Now you just need to align the rollercoaster tracks towards the right destination.

So when you have a plan outlined, don’t think anymore. Just begin to take action.

10. Have Fun

You can see it in the faces of people that work way too many hours a week. Too many people that work these days just stress themselves to the point of mental breakdown.

It doesn’t have to be this way with internet marketing because your most likely working from at home. Have some fun!

A home base business is one of the only types of work where you don’t have a boss screaming at you if you’ve done something wrong or giving strict rules for everything. You are completely free to do whatever you want and you make your own rules. Don’t take it so seriously.

Yes you should stay committed, yes you should stay persistent, but you don’t have to follow internet marketing like a programmed robot. Be flexible, be creative, be imaginative, and don’t let the problems stress you out.

You have freedom to do whatever you want, so take breaks when you need to, call a friend, put on a movie, do some exercise, and enjoy life outside of your computer.

In conclusion, be aware of your everyday life and don’t let a couple lazy factors pull you down from what you want to have. Making money is very possible on the internet but you just need to get into the habit of develop good work ethics. Ultimately, this comes down to a mixture of having fun with your work but being disciplined and persistence at the same time until you come to the very end of reaching your goal. This way, you’ll be resistance to that “scary” word called failure.