Entitlement Mentality

There is chaos in America. The economy is in its history’s worst, and people are blaming the government for the lack of money that was “suppose” to take care of them from Social Security to Medicare. Many people believe that when they hit their retirement stage in life, the government should take care of them or that it’s the governments fault for the mishandling of the nation’s money; that the government owes back the people who are in the most need of it.

This is the entitlement mentality that most people have. The truth is that there is not enough money to fully support everybody in need of Social Security and Medicare. So what happens? People start to get angry.

Nowadays you hear these types of issues over and over in the news, from crisis to how we are going to help care for the millions of baby boomers retiring to how the government isn’t doing anything to help the economy.

The entitlement mentality doesn’t just apply to older people or for people who like pointing fingers at the government, but for anybody who feels like just because they are in a certain condition, the world owes them something.

When we are younger, living in or parent’s house, we are used to receiving money from our parents if we want to go out to dinner or movies with friends. We feel like there is a constant cash flow that comes from our parents and because we are their sons or daughters. Some people may feel like they are entitled to money when they get older.

Other circumstances are when homeless people expect rich people to give them money. It would be nice if a rich person gave a homeless person money, but they are not entitled to do so. They can decide if they want to or not. This reminds me, I once was with a friend of mine and we were walking back to my car. A homeless guy asked me if he could clean our tires and windows. We politely shook or heads saying no thank you. I’ll never forget what he said.

In a low, serious tone, he said, “You guys look at me like I’m holding a knife or something…” He then walked away with a cold look in his eyes, murmuring more angry words that put us in our places.

I was pretty scared and I didn’t do anything to offend him. I told my friend and she just assured me that some people in the world are like this. I felt guilty that I didn’t give the guy money, later realized that it was my right if I did so or not.

This may not only apply to money, but apply to relationships as well. Most often, to people who have been single for a very, very long time.

Some people feel like just because they are a nice person, compared to other people who are not-so-nice, that they deserve to have a boyfriend or girlfriend. Instead of taking action and pursing another single person, they wait for Mr. Right or The Girl of His Dreams to appear on their doorsteps.

Finally, the same goes with happiness. Just because you have been a good person all your life, it doesn’t mean that you are entitled to happiness. We all want happiness and there are many ways to get there. But just like anything else, from money to a loving partner, it must be worked for, or in other words, we reap what we sow.

With that said, I would like to end this short post with a quote from Mark Twain:

“Don’t go around saying the world owes you a living. The world owes you nothing. It was here first.”